All About Granite Countertops

Granite counter tops undoubtedly are a wonderful and sturdy option for kitchen counter tops for many discriminiating house owners. These astounding slabs of stone could stand up to acid rain, having said that working with these as countertops requires somewhat of work first. The existence of Red Mountain Granite  tops starts in the quarry. Big blocks of granite get chipped off of a mountain to become despatched to your manufacturing facility.


Granite items are 1st measured after which experts drill holes so explosive cables may be inserted and set off to independent the pre-measured sections through the mountain. The large blocks are then lower right into a little bit more manageable sizes (about 10 ft prolonged, 5 ft broad, and five toes large). Even these scaled-down blocks weigh properly in excess of 45,000 lbs . every. The blocks are then sent to factories that generate several unique granite products and solutions like granite counter tops.

The manufacturing unit starts the job that has a system identified as ‘slabbing’. Working with a gang-saw, which often can cut the bocks into items less than two inches slim, the granite blocks are cut into slabs. H2o is constantly sprayed while chopping the blocks into slabs, in order that the blades is not going to over-heat. It might take as much as three days to make slabs away from a big block of granite. Afterwards the slabs are polished. Twenty sharpening heads are incorporated to polish the granite slabs – each and every head finer compared to the past 1.

Large gloss granite counter tops should pass through all twenty sharpening heads when medium gloss counter tops only pass through the very first 10 sharpening heads. There are actually some slabs that don’t go through sharpening, most notably individuals used for non-slip flooring. These slabs bear flaming. A propane flame by using a temperature of just about 2000 levels Fahrenheit is omitted the slab of granite. Water is constantly sprayed within the slab to maintain it from cracking.

The propane flame can make the quarks inside the granite explode, consequently making an awesome tough finish.

Immediately after becoming polished, the slabs are then cut to fit into your kitchen area counter and therefore are meticulously put in. Fixture settings are included to fit your kitchen’s one of a kind wants – much like the sink hole and tap holes. Opposite to what several folks believe granite is just not in any way porous and therefore will not absorb drinking water. Don’t just that, but granite countertops are proof against stains. On account of all of this, these counter tops tend not to need a wide range of maintenance. Normal schedule cleanings making use of a mild soap and h2o is all it requires aside from a re-application of sealants every single couple of years.

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